Using Stick On Clothing Labels

If you have a large family, then sorting out the clothes can get confusing. You may forget who owns this shirt and those pants. It is particularly problematic among kids, since hand-me-downs are common. Misplacing these clothes can lead to frustrations or even fights among siblings. Do you want to end the mix-ups? Then start using stick on clothing labels. These are small adhesive patches that you can apply on the clothing tags. Put the name of the owner on the label, so there will never be any doubts in the future. Below are some of the notable features of these labels.

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Washer & Dryer Safe

It might seem odd to place a sticker on a piece of clothing, knowing that it will soon go into the washer and dryer. "Won't it come off when it gets wet?" No, it won't. These labels are specially created to resist moisture. The adhesive will keep them in place no matter how wet the environment or how much the clothes spin around. Don't worry about degradation of the material. It will shrug off the stress. Don't worry about the ink. Water won't affect it at all. The label will look brand new for many washes. 

Add Permanent Markings

Many of these stick-on labels have materials that will absorb the ink of permanent markers. If you want to scribble something on there, then just go ahead and do it. For example, you can change the name printed on the sticker if a shirt changes ownership. You could also mark the size or label something as damaged for future reference. Since the ink is permanent, you should have no worries about soaking this after in water either. Just make sure that you give it time to dry and seep in before doing so.  

No Need to Iron

In the past, products like this required you to iron the sticker onto the shirt. This makes it more difficult to use. Many have been burned in the process. Maybe you are one of them, and you swore that you would never use those again. Now you have a much safer alternative. Use the stick-on labels without anxiety. What's more, it is so safe that you can give some to your little kids and have them label their own clothes. They would love seeing their names on a sticker and taking ownership of their outfits. After you demonstrate, they can do the rest themselves. 

Customisable Stickers

Plenty of custom sticker shops will make these for you. You can choose a template or create your own. Upload your preferred background and enter the text. If you are placing these labels on sports uniforms, then add your number under the name or any other contact information. This should be helpful in case the uniform gets lost or mixed up with the clothes of other children. You can also choose to include images that are related to the team or something else that your child enjoys. Whenever possible, opt for bright colors that will immediately get attention. Be sure to place this on the prominent side of the existing clothing tag.