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About us:


Classic American


1940's thru 1980's



Our Story

Over the last 25 years, Guild designer Stephen M Chudej has been collecting period civilian clothing from various sources far from L.A.- not that sources in L.A. are inherently bad, but

we all know it's pretty well picked-over.

He's scoured Goodwills and thrift marts throughout the south; he's burrowed through the closets of elderly friends, relatives and estate sales; he's rummaged through the attics of small town dry cleaners. He didn't have the claim tickets for the forgotten cleaned goods, but he convinced the proprietors that, after 40 years,   NO ONE'S coming to pick up that order.  He paid in cash and that's as good as any claim slip

What's Available

San Marcos Costume Company is a costume rental house servicing the motion picture and television industry with a collection of classic Americana styles and fashions for men, women and children. 

Modern civilian service uniforms (generic police, EMTs, medical, transportation, vendors and delivery) are also available.